real Transformation!

The deep foundations to meaningful change

June 12th & 13th, Southend On Sea, Essex UK

An introduction and masterclass to the 3 roots of transformation, for Real personal growth

Join me for two enlightening and empowering days of Inspiration, Clarity and Deep Guidance which you can use in your life right away for immediate results!

"Your techniques helped me overcome severe PTSD"
- Jo
"It's like you have the answer for all of my problems"
- Ari
"It's been a total game changer"
- Paul

On this life-changing weekend you'll discover:

  • The ninja simple process to transmute and transcend your emotional triggers when activated day to day.

  • How to cultivate real emotional freedom and resilience.

  • How to be your best even when life is at it's most challenging.

  • The uniquely effective approach to unbusy your mind and rise beyond overthinking into peace, presence, and clarity.

  • How to experience an ever deepening psychological freedom, which mystics may refer to as spiritual awakening.

  • How to have more access to your innate brilliance and creativity.

  • The art of catalysing positive emotional and psychological shifts using simple embodied transformation processes.

  • How to ease and retrain your nervous system to be calm, strong and supportive as you move forward towards your life goals.

You'll also learn these 'missing link' insights:

  • The 3 forms of emotional transcendence; Innate, Inspired and Active.

  • The Transmute, Transcend, Transform process of all meaningful change!

  • The synergy of awakening experiences and growth experiences (the bloom and the roots) and how to harness them.

The guidance I'll be sharing will give you the ultimate foundation for your personal transformation aspirations, and a crystal clear clarity which you will be able to draw on for the rest of your life!

Praise and appreciation for Richi's work

"The best personal development work I've ever done

- Michael Hilton (life coach)


"One of the best teachers in the world"

- Richard Enion (Creator of


"A true pioneer and inspiration... Richi is the guy to go to"

- Jamie Combs (Creator of nakd wholefoods brand)

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

- C.G. Jung

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