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life training and transformation courses with Richi Watson

Deep Transformation &

development courses

Deep mentorship and retreat courses

with Richi Watson

Breaking Free 


A three month deep transformation journey including the Adventures into Freedom retreat!

with Richi Watson

Deep development 2021

A six month deep mentoring programme including two retreats and a massive coaching and support package!

Weekend group courses

with Richi Watson

Self-help rehab

There's a reason you keep recycling familiar patterns of struggle, self-sabotage, heartache and frustration... Most self-help guidance leads you in circles!


Join me for a weekend of 'aha moments', clarity and meaningful life-changing guidance as I help you go beyond the self-help struggle and move forward in life!.

Self-help rehab

Get unstuck!

Get unstuck and move forward in life

with Richi Watson

Compass Parenting

Join one of the UK's most effective transformation facilitators as he teaches you the liberating art of 'compass Parenting'.

Transform your experience as a parent and unleash your child's emotional wellbeing and potential!

Compass Parenting

A better way

The art of effortless parenting

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