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October 2022 | Sierra Espuna, Spain

Deep Development


with Richi Watson

A seven day personal and professional

deep development retreat

What they say...

"What Richi teaches is a whole different level!"
"I got more out of the first morning than I have from all the seminars and workshops I've been to!"
"The best personal development work I've ever done"
"A profound experience, of connection, challenge, fun and growth!"
"It gave me the skills to take control of my life and take myself where I wanted to go!"
"More than a retreat, more than I can put into words."

Harness your talents. Own your trajectory. UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL.


Join a world class mentor for a unique journey into deep self-authorship.

"It's been perfect, I just can't describe how life changing this has been!"


On this Deep Development Retreat you will discover:

  • Processes and tools that will enable you to leap forward in life and thrive on challenge.

  • How to feel invigorated, clear and creative in the face of stress, uncertainty or fear.

  • How to go from procrastination into inspired creativity.

  • How to radically upgrade the work you do, the results you get and the success you create.

  • How to step forward with an authentic message which makes you come ALIVE when sharing.

  • How to LOVE selling your services and be in 100% authenticity and integrity while you do.

  • How to become a creative force in your life where any 'failures' simply become a new kind of fuel.

  • A new depth of clarity for creating yourself, your business and your life into the trajectory you choose!

You will also learn and experience:



  • How to rewire the underlying psychological and emotional patterns which have lead to self-sabotage.

  • How to recognise the personal development strategies and life patterns which hold you back and limit your potential.

  • A game changing understanding of your own psychology to make lasting changes with far greater ease.

  • How to use uncomfortable situations as the playful training ground for you to create more embodied confidence, clarity, strength and freedom.


For the first time on my retreats I will be teaching 4 Game Dynamics. The life leadership map developed by my close friend Jamie Combs, the genius entrepreneur behind the supernaturally successful and industry changing nakd wholefoods brand. Jamie has used this 4GD approach to create his exponential success in business and in life. My first company launched and managed nakd's social media as they began to take supermarkets by storm, and I've been with Jamie closely over the years as he's developed this map as a teaching tool. What I have to share about the secrets to Jamie's success alone is worth investing in this retreat!

"Richi is a true pioneer and inspiration.

Look no further, he is the guy to go to."


-  Jamie Combs, creator of nakd wholefoods & 4GD

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Deep Development




Incredible Value. Real Transformation.

There are absolutely no extra costs while on the retreat. All your food and drink, your accommodation, your transfers, and all of the guidance work is included! All you need do is arrange your flights, from there you be greeted by our team and everything is taken care of so you can fully let go and get the most out of your experience with us.

Each day you'll experience deep guidance work, unforgettable excursions and activities amid a stunning natural setting, ample recharge time, spectacular food and a beautifully supportive atmosphere.

This immersive retreat and training is only £3500
Early booking discount! Book now for just £2750

If this speaks to you, learn more by messaging us in the chat box below.

Instalment options available


You can speak with my team at most times simply by clicking the chat box to the bottom right.


If we're unavailable please leave your details for us and we will get back to you shortly!

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