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Self-Help Rehab weekend

Get unstuck, go beyond the struggle, move forward in life!

Returning 2022 - register your interest with us on the chatbox

There's a reason you keep recycling familiar patterns of stress, struggle and self-sabotage...
Most self-help guidance leads you endlessly in circles!

So join me for two days of 'aha' moments, clarity and meaningful life changing guidance
as you move forward beyond the self-help struggle.

"It's really working, I'm in a constant mind state of joy."
- Sallie
"The weekend was full of insights which I used to be a better man, father and husband, and also to upgrade my work as a coach"
- Michael
"AHA moments all they way!"
- Anna

Create the meaningful transformation you're looking for by uncovering the myths, misunderstandings and missing links surrounding:

  • Negative Thinking & Self-Talk

  • Letting Go of the past

  • Self-Worth and Self-Confidence

  • Stress, Overwhelm & Anxiety

  • Judgement, Comparison & Blame

  • Emotional Resilience & Freedom

  • Forgiveness & Peace of Mind

  • Manifestation & Success

During this deeply empowering Two Days you will also Discover:

  • The self help myths which are taught as facts but are actually sabotaging your emotional wellbeing and life goals.

  • How most self-help guidance seduces you into giving away your self-authorship.

  • How subtle forms of blame disguised as 'enlightened' self-help wisdom, keep us from moving forward.

  • How most self-help approaches which are packaged as the solution for emotional wellbeing, encourage a form of self-denial which leads us toward anxiety, stress, overwhelm and meltdowns.

  • How to genuinely forgive, let go, accept yourself, become free of regret, show up authentic, shift your patterns, navigate the hard times with grace, get your mind 'on your side', and step confidently forward in life in a way which makes the meaningful difference to how you live!

The insights and guidance I'll be sharing will give you the missing links you need to really own your personal freedom and self-development.

Praise and appreciation for Richi's work

"The best personal development work I've ever done

- Michael Wyatt (life coach)


"One of the best teachers in the world"

- Richard Enion ( & Dragons Den)


"A true pioneer and inspiration."

- Jamie Combs (Creator of nakd wholefoods brand)

Spend a life-changing weekend with one of the UK's most
effective transformation coaches for just £450

Early Booking discount £390

 Click the chat to register interest and ask any questions!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

- C.G. Jung

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