Chaga is a wild forest mushroom which grows for many years inside of a very small percentage of the world’s birch trees. Having gleaned the tree filtered mineral rich water and the phyto-nutrients passed on by the tree’s own process of photosynthesis, after around 7 years the Chaga emerges through the bark ready to be harvested.


By that time the Chaga has become one of the most nutritionally potent foods on the planet, topping the Orac scale of anti-oxidant containing foods – dwarfing the likes of Goji Berries, Acai Berries, Blue Berries and Cacao, by a long way!

Chaga 'Tea'

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  • Chaga is hailed as the ‘King of Medicinal Mushrooms’, revered for millennia in Siberian herbalism and bursting into the awareness of the health food community in recent years by virtue of it’s unique and powerful nutritional properties. Chaga makes a delightfully vanilla tasting tea, and is so mild in flavour can even be used to cook soups or rice with, making it so effortless and uniquely economical to add this abundance of nutrition into your lifestyle. Used properly 100g of chaga may last for around 1 month!