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Meme Buster #1 Should we leave the past behind?

Would it?

It sounds like a reasonable idea to want to 'leave our past behind' to unburden ourselves of it, but we don't make our lives better by lightening our loads, we make life better by becoming stronger and wiser. In my work it is always those who most want to avoid the uncomfortable feelings of their past who find themselves most burdened by it, while those who find the courage to turn and face it also find their freedom from it within that process.

A better way to look at it is that we need to fully bring our past forward with us. To recognise it's lessons, value them, and to integrate them fully into our present and into our evolving journey forward. I haven't left my past behind, my past is ever present as a source of inspiration, clarity, passion and purpose.

I have the abilities I have, the values I have, and I live the life I love to live because of what I discovered through the often difficult and sometimes unbearable challenges of my life story.

I accept it has happened. I decide what it means to me. I create myself and my life into the trajectory I choose, having discovered what really matters to me, what I want to experience in life, and what I have to offer in service to others.

So, rather than striving to leave the past behind, deeply realise that you can carry it forward into something new and emergent, something beautiful and something which feels good to make into your purpose. Rx

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