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A weekend course which will radically transform your family life and unleash your children's wellbeing and potential!

Transform your experience as a parent and unleash your child's emotional wellbeing and potential!

During this empowering weeekend you will Discover:

  • How to go beyond cycles of stress and overwhelm.

  • How to navigate beyond the 'invisible' cause of your child's (and your own) biggest emotional triggers.

  • A way to nurture deep emotional freedom and strength within your child so they are able to handle anything life throws at them.

  • How to 'allow' their neural development to fully support problem solving and self-reliance.

  • A four step communication approach to create cooperation with your child and avoid the need for shouting or harsh discipline.

  • How to create better listening and be really heard.

  • How to do far less disciplining while getting far more cooperation and helpfulness.

  • How to step beyond the patterns which lead to conflict.

  • How to nurture self-responsibility, freedom from blame, and an embodied sense of confidence.

  • How to be your best, and how to bring the best out of them, so you can live a life of deeper freedom, joy and discovery together!

Praise and appreciation for Richi's work

"My life has completely changed!" Angelique

"Our relationship with our children has already changed for the better!" Katie

"I feel like a different person, I feel new" Denise

"I've had countless aha moments, the clarity I have now has made all the difference in my life" Anna


"I'm amazed at the changes I've already made, and I feel like I can do anything now" Dave

Spend a life-changing weekend one of the UK's leading transformation facilitators! 
Use the chat box to register your interest in Richi's next course
This workshop is beneficial for all and especially suited for parents of children aged between 0-8, or for those planning a family.
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