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LifeWell Uk

Transformation, Wellbeing and Freedom

Wellbeing and trasformation seminar with Richi Watson

ABOUT LifeWell

Founded by pioneering Life-Freedom Teacher Richi Watson, LifeWell UK exists to make genuine life-changing guidance available to you.


LifeWell hosts some of the most life-transforming experiences available today, featuring some of the UK’s leading facilitators, coaches, and best-selling authors on all things wellbeing, life-freedom and lifestyle. 

We revel in facilitating the journey into meaningful transformation for all those who join us and the loving LifeWell tribe at our uniquely community spirited seminar experiences, workshops and retreats.


"My life has changed in ways I could never have expected!"


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You can speak with us at most times simply by clicking the chat box to the bottom right.


If we're unavailable please leave your details for us to get back to you, or alternatively you can call us on  01702 309866

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