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Life freedom is about more than mindset, it's also about supporting your body so you can live life with health, energy and  mental clarity. Having lived with debilitating chronic illness I am passionate about the health promoting potential of nutritionally wonderful natural foods and a balanced lifestyle.


I've gathered together on the LifeWell shop some of my favourite products which have enriched my life and the lives of those close to me, as well as countless others I've spoken with over the last ten years since I've been involved in the world of wellness.

I hope these products can help enrich your health and your life too.

Richi x


Upgrade Your Lifestyle

 Elevate Your Life

Supporting Your Body

Chaga 'Tea'

Since drinking Chaga tea regularly I haven't been ill once, and I was always coming down with bugs, Colds and Flu! I can feel the difference it makes, and I love the mild vanilla taste! 

Sacred oil (CBD)

It’s an amazing product and has done wonders for my general well-being. Since using it I’ve felt the best I’ve felt in a long time. So clear headed, balanced and grounded It’s unreal. Thank you! 

Real Food Recipe Books

The Uncook Book

The recipes are creative, inspiring and also totally achievable for regular people. It's the kind of cook book that makes you want to clear your plans to spend the day cooking!

How to eat a Rainbow

Made my kid very excited to eat healthily. I ask her to pick out a recipe and take her to the store to get her ingredients. She enjoys making her own school lunches and snacks now.