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Join one of the worlds leading WHM trainers for a life-changing experience which will empower you to transform your physical health, energy levels, mental clarity and more!

On this transformative day you will Discover how to:

  • Feel Stronger.

  •  Instantly increase your energy.

  • Improve sharpness and focus.

  • Lower your stress level.

  • Upgrade your immune system.

  • Create radiant longterm health.

  • Clear your mind.

  • Relax with a new depth.

  • Positively influence your hormonal system.

  • Radically improve your performance and recovery time.

  • Become resilient to the cold.

  • Noticeably elevate your mood.

  • Connect with a deep sense of empowerment.

  • Reconnect with the playful vitality of childhood!

Tim has been mentored personally by the world famous WIM HOF (aka 'The Iceman') whose techniques for mastering the mind-body system are being studied by scientific institutions around the world! 

Praise for Tim's last WHM experience in the UK

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Spend a life-changing afternoon upgrading your inner resilience with a world-class teacher!
Early Bird Special - Book now and save £20!
ONce you have completed your booking you'll receive an email with details of what to bring along with you on the day, if you have any questions please use the contact form or phone number below

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