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Adventures into Freedom

A five day deep Transformation journey

with Richi Watson

May 2023 | Sierra Espuna, Spain

Transform your relationship with stress, and struggle.

Break the cycle and Move forward in life!

Adventures into Freedom Retreat 2020 | Beyond Stress
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“I just can’t explain how amazing this experience was!” - Denise A.

“I’ve never felt so awesome and full of energy and excitement! Thank you! Thank you!” - Christina

“The best thing I've ever done!" - Denise W.

"Life Changing!" Priya

On this transformative and empowering journey you will Discover:


  • How to deeply transform your relationship with your emotions so you experience them and harness them as they are intended to be - of service to you!

  • How to channel stressful feelings into supportive feelings of inspiration, clarity and empowerment.

  • How to become free from social anxieties, as well as blame, judgement, criticism, and unhealthy self doubt.

  • How to use Feeling Focussed Approaches to create deep freedom from WITHIN your emotions. No longer needing to avoid anything, so you can experience life with the freedom and creativity you’ve always yearned for!

  • How to re-pattern your unhealthy inner stories so you can finally stop playing out the same cycles in your life, and instead create new supportive ones.

  • A deep connection with your retreat group – Our groups come together in the most beautiful ways to support each other long after the retreat experience, creating meaningful and perhaps lifelong friendships.

You'll also learn:

  • Why your most challenging feelings are actually your greatest access point to inner freedom.

  • Why thought focussed therapeutics are so limited in their ability to create anything close to the inner freedom and life-development you're looking for.

  • A simple, effective and enjoyable 'Deep Sense' meditation which gives all the benefits which other meditation techniques aspire too and much more.

  • The deep nature of your emotional triggers and how to transform them.

  • Simple, powerful and easy to use processes and tools which you can take forward into your life and use to liberate yourself from getting emotionally ‘stuck’ ever again!

Richi Watson transformation coaching on retreat in Spain

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Transformation retreat with Richi Watson in Spain

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Connection and laughter on retreat with Richi Watson

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Life-changing transformation retreat with Richi Watson

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Beautiful Spanish scenery on retreat with Richi Watson

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Life Beyond Your Fear Retreat with Richi watson and David Saville

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Adventures into Freedom


Incredible Value. Real Transformation.

There are absolutely no extra costs while on the retreat. All of your food and drink, your accommodation, excursions, and all of the guidance work is included! All you need do is arrange your flights, from there you be greeted by our team and everything is taken care of so you can fully let go and get the most out of your experience with us.

Each day you'll experience deep guidance work, unforgettable excursions and activities amid a stunning natural setting, ample recharge and relaxation time, spectacular food and a beautifully supportive friendly atmosphere.

Investment only £1575
Early Booking Offer! Book now for just £1325

Instalment options available!

If you feel this might be for you, learn more by messaging us in the chat box

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