Deep Leap Personal Mentoring

with richi watson

A twelve week deep mentoring journey

If you are ready to eagerly integrate new ideas, tools and approaches into your life, to receive direct mentorship and to follow through on the steps I map out for you, then I can help you become the person you need to be to launch your life into the trajectory you choose, personally and professionally!

What they say...

"A true pioneer and inspiration, Richi is the guy to go to."
Jamie Combs - Creator of the global phenomenon nakd Wholefoods
"The best personal development work I've ever done, what Richi does is a whole different level." 
Michael Hilton - Life Coach and Retreat facilitator
"One of the best teachers in the world." 
Richard Enion - Author of F**k Dieting, creator of Enrichd Superfoods

This twelve week life training includes:

  • 6 x One to one personal mentoring sessions.

  • 6 x Clarity Coaching calls.

  • Weekly Deep Motivation videos made personally for you.

  • A weekend mentoring intensive!

Mentoring sessions

During your mentoring sessions you will gain a deep understanding on what underlies those patterns which are holding you back from being your best and going beyond your best.

You'll identify your ultimate leverage points for swift and inspired transformation of those internal 'triggers', enabling you to create the new supportive patterns you need to leap forward in your life, business and relationships.

Each session will lead to a new depth of clarity on how to upgrade yourself and your strategies towards the results you want in your personal and professional development. Results which you will create swiftly!

The tools you will be shown and taught will mean that you can recreate the deep leap process going forward in your life as your passions, priorities and goals change and evolve.

Clarity Coaching Calls

Between our personal mentoring sessions we will have a 15-30 minute focussed coaching call to invigorate your trajectory with a clarity on how you fully leverage the tools, knowledge and skills you're learning to move forward in the most effective and optimal direction for you.


Deep Motivation Videos

Each week I will send you a Deep Motivation video made precisely and skilfully for exactly where You are meeting life and our journey together week by week. These videos will give you more than motivation, they will give you a depth of inspiration built on a clarity and confidence in how to personally embody the teachings and tools from your mentoring sessions and coaching calls.

Weekend Intensive

You will spend the weekend with me in a private little pocket of space within a country park area on the Essex coast. This will be your deep leap training camp where you will unearth the core motivations underneath your ambitions and connect with an inspiration, clarity and energy which you will be able to summon thereafter.

The weekend intensive takes place at the half way point of your training, meaning many more weeks of mentorship to fully integrate and activate what you unearth from the weekend into real results that you will feel, see and build on.

You will leave from this training camp with the clarity, strategies, and embodied courage to create your Deep Life Leaps, and you will step back into your life creating them!

Investment £3500

If you're ready to make a Deep Leap in all the meaningful areas of your life now, get in touch using the contact form below.

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