Deep Development 2022

Own your trajectory, master your life!
with Richi Watson
Two Retreats - personal mentoring - deep support

Deep Personal mentoring!

two life-changing retreats!

Ongoing coaching and support!

Meaningful leaps forward! 

A Deep Development journey like no other

IfIf you are (or aspiring to be) a coach, trainer, practitioner or other service-based entrepreneur and you're ready to make game changing leaps forward personally and professionally, you may be eligible to become one of my personal mentorship students for the Deep Development journey 2022.


This opportunity is open to just 6 individuals who are ready to fully own their personal trajectory, radically deepen their professional results, and master their life inside and out.


Those who are ready and compatible for this Deep Development opportunity will join me on a seven months journey centred around two Transformation and Training Retreats, Personal Mentoring, Ongoing Motivation and Support, Clarity and Accountability calls, and Break Through Group Coaching.

"I got more out of the first morning than I have from all the seminars I've been to."

"The best personal development work I've ever done"


"I transformed myself, my business, and finally created the success and lifestyle I've been working towards for years."

"What Richi teaches is a whole different level."

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What you get when you choose to take this journey with me:

  • The Breaking Free Weekend, UK
    The beginning of our journey together. During this weekend of deep mentorship we'll get underneath into the invisible patterns which are holding you back from your deepest potential. You'll leave with a profound understanding of those psychological patterns, and how to shift them for your specific goals and your personal freedom.


  • Deep Development Retreat, Spain
    A seven day exponential transformation, training and activity retreat. This is where I unleash all my powers and we co-create the most transformational seven days of your life. This retreat will be at the half way point of our Deep Development journey, which will mean I'll know exactly how to design the optimal transformation and training experience for you to leap forward in every area of your life.


  • 6 x online Group Coaching sessions
    Spread out between the retreat journeys and after the final retreat.


  • 6 x one to one Personal Mentoring sessions with me
    Using all my elite mentoring skill, every minute of our time together will be stimulating you into new dimensions of transformation and development. Which when applied in your life will immediately launch you into the trajectory of your highest personal and professional goals. You will have personal access to all my professional knowledge and experience. Each session leveraged properly, will lead to exponential leaps in your personal clarity and professional results.


  • Clarity Coaching calls
    You will have access to 15-30 minute focussed coaching calls to invigorate your trajectory with a clarity on how you fully leverage the tools, knowledge and skills to move forward in the most effective and optimal direction for you.


  • Deep Motivation videos.
    I will be sharing regular videos with you, specifically for you and the group to give you the ongoing clarity and inspiration you need as you step forward on your Deep Development journey and meet life in whatever way it's challenges show up for you. These will not be pre-made videos which are recycled for each new course group - these videos will be made for you to meet you where you are and lead you forward into where you need to go next. 


  • Ongoing personal support throughout the 7 months.
    You'll get to know my team and they will be connecting with and supporting you throughout the journey. This extra support adds significantly to your Deep Development experience.


  • World class guidance which will lead to the real life results you need.
    Modesty won't help me serve you at the highest level so I'm going to say it as it is, I'm not just the best at what I do, I'm the only one who can do what I do. If you take the steps I map out for you, you will leap forward into the trajectory you want to lead you life into. There is no other conclusion to our 7 month journey together. It's happening.


  • Discovering deep connections and real support with a group of like minded people all taking exciting leaps forward with you.
    Take a moment to reflect on the kind of human being who is going to want to be a part of this Deep Development journey AND who I'm going to want to be a part of it. Now, imagine being apart of a group of those people, all supporting, encouraging and challenging each other towards your goals. Literally my hairs stand up on end as I think about it!

What You Will Experience and Discover:

  • How to rewire the underlying psychological and emotional patterns which have held you back from being your best and breaking beyond your best.

  • How to go from procrastination into inspired creativity.

  • How to take full ownership of your life's trajectory, developing all the inner freedom, skills, clarity and strength of character you need to create what you really want in life.

  • How to feel invigorated and creative in the face of potential stress.

  • How to never be emotionally overwhelmed or drained again, ever.

  • How to summon peak performance when you need it most.

  • Processes and tools that will enable you to leap forward in life and thrive on challenge.

  • A new depth of clarity for creating yourself and your life into the trajectory you choose!

  • How to radically upgrade the service you offer and the results you get.

  • How to set yourself apart in your field and explode your results in business.

  • How to step forward with an authentic message you feel great about sharing.

  • How to embody a powerful presence which is seen as uniquely yours.

  • How to LOVE offering your services and be in 100% authenticity and integrity while you do.

  • A new depth of clarity for creating yourself, your business and your life into the trajectory you choose!


I will be teaching 4 Game Dynamics. The life leadership map developed by my close friend Jamie Combs, the genius progressive entrepreneur behind the supernaturally successful and industry changing nakd wholefoods brand. Jamie has used this 4GD approach to create his exponential success in business and in life. My first company launched and managed nakd's social media as they began to take supermarkets by storm, and I've been with Jamie closely over the years as he's developed this map as a teaching tool. What I have to share about the secrets to Jamie's success alone would be worth investing in this course!

"Richi is a true pioneer and inspiration.

Look no further, he is the guy to go to."


-  Jamie Combs

I'm offering this full Deep Development journey with me including all mentorship, coaching and support, AND both retreats for just £7500


This opportunity is available to just 6 people, so if you feel the pull to join me on this journey to exponential growth and life-development, get in touch now on the chat box to arrange a call. If we decide together that this journey is for you we can reserve your space with a £500 deposit, and we can arrange a payment plan which suits you.

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