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Beyond Anxiety uk

Deep freedom from anxiety & Stress

Is anxiety holding you back?

Whether your anxiety is severe to mild, Beyond Anxiety UK will help you step into a new experience of life!

“I just can’t explain how amazing this experience was!” - Denise

“I’ve never felt so awesome and full of energy and excitement! Thank you! Thank you!” - Cristina

“Thank you all for making my experience so special #FoundMyself #FoundMyTribe” - Pryia

 The overactive fear responses which cause our anxiety issues, also show up in our lives as stress, anger, depression, addictions and relationship problems.


As we create freedom within those underlying fear responses, we experience freedom in all areas of our life.

Life Beyond Your Fear Retreat
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On our days, courses and retreats you will experience and discover:

  • Why your emotions are experienced the way they are, and where your struggles come from.

  • How your most challenging feelings are your greatest access point to inner freedom.

  • How to create deep freedom from WITHIN your feelings. No longer needing to avoid anything, so you can experience life with the freedom and creativity you’ve always yearned for!

  • How to become free from blame, judgement, criticism, self doubt and social anxieties.

  • A simple and powerful method which you can use to liberate yourself from getting emotionally ‘stuck’ ever again!