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Feeling Focussed Techniques

Feeling focussed techniques are a uniquely effective approach to facilitating swift and meaningful emotional and psychological transformation

Experientially developed by pioneering teacher Richi Watson to overcome his own immense life challenges, severe anxiety and suicidal depression. FFT is supported by science, sense, and results.

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Genesis & Development

Discovering and developing a Feeling Focussed approach to processing trauma and challenging emotions saved me from debilitating anxiety and depression, allowing me to step into a life of radical freedom, self-authorship and service. By teaching self-development through an embodied feeling focussed approach I would regularly witness people making great shifts very quickly from the internal struggles they had been recycling for many years. 


This teaching evolved into more defined and replicable techniques and coaching tools through my work with brilliant coach David Saville. David has an awesome gift for excavating into the depths of what makes a person tick (and what keeps them from ticking), and in joining him as he 'poked and prodded me like a piñata'; in answering his surgically measured questions as to how I experience life, process emotional challenge and how I facilitate my transformation work, we created incredibly effective transformation programs and retreats together. I developed FFT as the core approach to helping facilitate deep emotional and psychological transformation, and the results quickly became astonishing. 

  • An FFT (Feeling Focussed Techniques) interactive webinar.
    FFT are the foundation tools I use to swiftly facilitate meaningful personal transformation and real world change, as well as create emotional and psychological personal freedom. Skilfully applied Feeling Focussed Approaches will transform your personal experience of life, leading to a supernatural level of presence and prowess, creativity, confidence and an embodied presence which will set you apart from others, creating a personal gravity which brings you the personal and professional relationships and opportunities you want.

  • FFT level 1 Practitioner certification. .
    If you meet the high requirements needed, you will be certified to integrate FFT into your professional service. A foundation of skill in the FFT approach will radically upgrade your ability to get meaningful results with your clients -  the kinds which create avalanches of praise, referrals, effortless business growth, and the deepest personal fulfilment.


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 Half way through our journey together we will be ready to take things to another level with The Supernatural Life Retreat in October. A five day deep life leadership training, transformation and activity retreat in Southern Spain! This is about self-authorship - how to take your life, your passions, your career and relationships to the next level. How to master your trajectory in life so you get to where you want to go and develop all the inner freedom, skills, and strength of character you need to get there. You will learn 'Supernatural' tools for unleashing your deepest potential and leave with real embodied clarity on how to use them to create the Supernatural Life you are truly capable of having and living.


For the first time on my retreats I will be teaching 4 Game Dynamics. The life leadership map developed by my close friend Jamie Combs, the genius progressive entrepreneur behind the supernaturally successful and industry changing nakd wholefoods brand. Jamie has used this 4GD approach to create his exponential success in business and in life. My first company launched and managed nakd's social media as they began to take supermarkets by storm, and I've been with Jamie closely over the years as he's developed this map as a teaching tool. What I have to share about the secrets to Jamie's success alone would be worth investing in this retreat!

"Richi is a true pioneer and inspiration.

Look no further, he is the guy to go to."


-  Jamie Combs

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I'm offering this full Deep Change journey with me including both retreats for just £2500! Which includes all of the online group mentoring that will support you in deeply integrating what you're learning and discovering into all areas of your life for meaningful, measurable and ongoing transformation and change. This is fully inclusive of accommodation, all food and drink, all guidance work and all activities and excursions! Once your travel is arranged there is not a single extra expense. The coaching, mentorship and training course elements of this journey alone would ordinarily be around £2500, so you are effectively getting both of these incredible transformational retreats for free! There is simply no better value personal development journey available anywhere!

Why am I doing this?


Over the years I've created an enormous number of workshops, seminars and retreats, and at the end of last year I asked myself the question, 'what kind of year do I want to have?' Not how much can I do or what new project can I create, but simply 'what is it I want to do?'. The answer which came was that I wanted to focus exclusively on my transformation retreats, as they are the deepest and most rewarding work I get to do. And I want to devote myself to the life development of a small group of people ready to leap forward in life and have an extraordinary year doing it. I don't need to create large amounts of income, all I need is the life-space to also write my upcoming books. So I'm offering this all at a price which makes it an easy yes for anyone ready for the meaningful change this journey will facilitate and create.


I'm offering this opportunity to just 8 people, and I'm offering it at this low low investment for this year only. So if you feel the pull to join me on this journey to exponential growth and life-development, get in touch now on the chat box below or call Donna on 07772 886 762. After answering any questions you may have, if you decide this journey is for you we can reserve your space straight away with a £250 deposit, and we can arrange a payment plan which suits you.

What you get when you choose to take this life changing journey:

  • Incredible value and a big saving.

  • 2 x DEEP transformation retreats

  • 6 x online group coaching sessions spread out monthly between the retreat journeys and after the final retreat - full journey of support and mentorship lasting from July to January!

  • 4 x one to one 75 minute Deep Change mentoring sessions with me.

  • Ongoing personal support throughout the 6 months, and after.

  • An FFT (Feeling Focussed Techniques) interactive webinar.

  • FFT level 1 Practitioner certification - The core tools I use to swiftly facilitate meaningful transformation. You will be able to use these for yourself and if you are a coach or therapist you can radically upgrade your ability to get meaningful results with your clients.

  • World class guidance which will lead to the real life results you need.

  • Discovering deep connections and real support with a group of like minded people all taking exciting leaps forward with you.

See more details of each of these transformative retreats by clicking on the images below.

I am so looking forward to seeing who joins me for this transformative adventure!

In loving service,

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