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Break Through coaching

with richi watson

A 12 week deep transformation journey


Are you living out a cycle which you need to go beyond, perhaps triggered by stress, struggle or overwhelm? Do you need to break through those emotional and psychological patterns in order to move forward in life?

If you're ready to take my guidance, explore new ideas and experiment with the processes I teach you, then together we can make the break throughs that you need to step forward into a new richer experience of life.

What my students say...

"I'm anxiety free for the first time."
Angela Goodfellow
"I went from horrible social anxiety to meeting the man of my dreams and having the family I've always wanted" 
Toma Ganiprauskaite
"The best personal development work I've ever done, what Richi does is a whole different level." 
Michael Hilton - Life Coach and Retreat facilitator
"The Feeling Focussed techniques allowed me to master my stress, and find the clarity and confidence I needed to start my own business" 
Sam Hill

What the experts say...

"A true pioneer and inspiration, Richi is the guy to go to."
Jamie Combs - Creator of the global phenomenon nakd Wholefoods
"One of the best teachers in the world." 
Richard Enion - Entrepreneur, Speaker and Creator of

This 12 week life training includes:

  • 4 x one to one Transformation Coaching sessions.

  • 3 x Clarity Coaching calls.

  • 1 x Self-Help Rehab weekend

  • 1 x Self-Help Rehab Integration Course

Coaching sessions

During your Transformation Coaching sessions you will gain a deep clarity on the nature of your emotional stress, and how you can use your personal relationship with challenging circumstances to break free from the patterns which hold you back.

We'll identify your ultimate leverage points for swift and inspired transformation of those internal 'triggers', enabling you to create the new supportive patterns you need to move forward in your life.

Clarity Coaching Calls

Between our deep transformation sessions we will have a 30-40 minute coaching call to support you with the clarity and confidence you need to best use the knowledge and processes you're learning. Any challenges or obstacles you come against we will identify and work through, and you'll leave the call with a clear understanding of how to move forward.


Investment £2000

If you're ready to transform your relationship with stress, struggle and overwhelm in all the areas they shows up, and take control of your emotions and your destiny, get in touch using the contact form below.

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If we're unavailable please leave your details for us to get back to you, or alternatively you can call us on  01702 309866

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