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Breaking Free 2022!

Retreat - Transformation Coaching - personal support
A three months deep transformation journey

A Deep Transformation retreat!

Deep transformation coaching!

personal support!

Meaningful change! 

Break free from your story into a richer experience of life!

Are you ready to step into a new experience of life beyond the patterns and struggles which hold you back?


 Whether it's cycles of Stress, Overwhelm, Self-sabotage or 'playing small', which mean you're shrinking and struggling in life rather than growing and playfully owning it...  


If you are ready to set yourself free from your story to live a richer, happier, more joyful, and more fulfilling life, this three month Deep Transformation journey may be for you.

Become You Set Free

This could be the best investment you ever make in yourself and your life.


 Centred around an unforgettable 5 day Deep Transformation Retreat,  A Group Coaching Journey, and on going support, I will guide you into creating a new depth of emotional and psychological freedom. Showing you how to balance your life, and master your challenges.

"The Feeling Focussed Techniques have been life-changing"

"The best thing I've ever done"

"So so many aha moments... everything is put into practice and made real"

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When you choose to take this life-changing journey, you get:


  • The Adventures into Freedom DEEP transformation retreat.

  • The Breaking Free Group Coaching including 5 x transformation sessions with me.

  • Weekly Deep Motivation audios and videos made specifically for you.

  • Ongoing Personal Support throughout the three months.

  • World Class Deep Transformation Guidance which will lead you to the personal break throughs you need to step forward in life.

  • Discovering deep connections and real support with like minded people who will all be taking exciting leaps forward in their lives with you.

Take a glimpse into the Adventures into Freedom retreat in the video below...

I'm offering this full Breaking Free Transformation journey with me including the Adventures into Freedom retreat for just £2500! This includes all three months of coaching and mentorship which will support you in deeply integrating what you discover, so you can truly break free from the patterns which are holding you back from living life fully and exploring your deeper potential
The retreat is inclusive of accommodation, transfers, all food and drink and all guidance work. Once your travel is arranged there is not a single extra expense!
A FREE space on my Self-Help Rehab Weekend (UK), AND my 4 week video integration course.

This will make the perfect start to your 2021 transformation journey with me, and will extend the full package to over 4 months of transformation coaching and support!
I'm offering this Breaking free opportunity to just 6 people
So if you're ready to Break Free from your story and deeply transform your relationship with life, get in touch now using the webchat and we can explore if this is the right journey for you!
Instalment options available.

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