Awakening & Freedom


with richi watson

Somerset, UK | July 12-14

A Deep transformation journey into embodied psychological awakening and freedom

Join a pioneering teacher for a life changing weekend of inspired 'aha' moments and clarity, awakening your mind and your senses, and connecting you with a deeper experience of life!

What they say...

"I feel free, and it actually feels REAL for the first time"
"What Richi teaches is a whole different level!" 
"The best personal development work I've ever done"
"It was the most amazing experience and will remain with me forever"

On this transformative retreat you will Experience and Discover:


  • A new sense of embodied freedom, awareness and inspired clarity.

  • How to create meaningful freedom within your inner struggles and life challenges.

  • How to awaken to the deep nature of your mind, senses and perception - An experience traditionally referred to as awakening or enlightenment.

  • How to become radically empowered to create the life you choose.

  • How to get unstuck from the cycles and underlying (often invisible!) life patterns which have held you back.

  • How to awaken your senses, connect with your own unique inner resources and unleash your deepest potential!

 You will also learn:

  • Where we are being led astray by most modern self help guidance, and how we can truly know and step into our own path to embodied inner freedom.

  • Why trend approaches such as positive thinking only work for some people (some of the time) and not others - When you understand this, you unleash your ability to transform your life!

  • How to become free from feeling drained by the behaviour or drama of others, and how to fortify your happiness so it's not dependent on others.

  • How to co-create better relationships, go beyond resentment, and how to have a deeper sense of calm, peace and safety when conflicts arise. 

The Awakening & Freedom Retreat is set amidst beautiful grounds, which you'll be able to enjoy fully on your many breaks and outdoor sessions.

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Awakening & Freedom Retreat


July 12-14

Somerset, UK


Incredible Value. Real Transformation. Unique Perks!

There are absolutely no extra costs while on our retreats! All your food and drink, your accommodation and all of the guidance work is included! All you need do is arrange your flights, from there you be greeted by our team and everything is taken care of so you can fully let go and get the most out of your experience with us.

This immersive life-changing experience with a world-class facilitator is only £495!
To book your space or ask any questions 
you can use the chat box below, or speak with Donna-Marie on 01702 417116

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