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On my journey to here and now I needed to overcome PTSD, severe anxiety, suicidal depression, chronic pain and debilitating health conditions... As well as all of the normal invisible patterns of stress, struggle and self-sabotage.

Today I teach, coach, and mentor others to go beyond their own story and leap forward in life, personally, professionally and in their relationships.

Using the Feeling Focussed Transformation approaches I discovered to transform my own life beyond recognition, and Compass Coaching which I've developed working with my clients and students over the last 10 years, I have the privilege to create and facilitate powerful results with those I work with.

Having been to rock bottom and below myself, I am soul deep in love with being of service to others as they become who they need to be to create the life they want to live!


Whether it's emotional transformation, or personal and professional development. Healing relationships and families into a happier, more supportive and more loving life, or training coaches into meaningful success by being of deep service and getting real results with those they serve.

If you're ready to move forward into a deeper, richer, freer and more meaningful experience of life, explore the opportunities on this site and get in touch with my team using the chatbox.

In service, Richi Watson.



"The best personal development work I've ever done.
What Richi does is a whole different level."
Michael Hilton (Life Coach)

"Life Changing"
Priya Joshi
"The best thing I've ever done"
Denise Willis

"A genuine pioneer and inspiration."
Jamie Combs (Creator of nakd Wholefoods)

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